Carmen Franco’s Lusitano Partner Earns a Warm Welcome Back to White Fences with the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award



Wellington, FL (April 20, 2017) — Four-time Colombian National Dressage Champion Carmen Franco expertly showcased the brilliance of Lusitano gelding Cristal da Caniceira at the Welcome Back to White Fences IV dressage show in Loxahatchee, Florida this month. The grey 10-year-old gelding, bred by Herdade da Caniceira and owned by Haras Dos Cavaleiros of Magnolia, Texas, was presented with the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award for his striking appearance and strong performances in the Prix St. Georges.

Omega Alpha, a sponsor of the dressage shows held at White Fences Equestrian Center in South Florida, rewards horses like Cristal da Caniceira for having superb fitness, appearance, and health. The Lusitano received an Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award commemorative ribbon, a customized cooler, and several Omega Alpha supplements, including Biotic 8, Healthy Horse, and Gastra FX.

“He was very happy in the ring,” said Franco as she accepted the award. “He’s a sensitive horse, so he can have a hard time with different situations, but he took this show very well so I am happy with the scores, the results, and the feeling in the tests. Because of his sensitivity, everything has to be done very carefully. He was really supple, and waited for me every second. I was very pleased.” Born in Portugal, Cristal da Caniceira was the 2016 Gold Coast Dressage Association Year End Awards Fourth Level Champion, and has a talent for working at the highest levels. “He has absolutely gorgeous piaffe and passage,” Franco said. “I am trying to polish everything in the Small Tour, and then keep going on his career. He is showing me that he is reacting very well to my training program.”

An international dressage success story, Franco holds the category of Judge A in Columbia – the highest level in that country – and currently has four Haras Dos Cavaleiros horses in training with her in Loxahatchee, Florida. She travels to Haras Dos Cavaleiros four times a year to give clinics. She is also assisting in developing the sport of Working Equitation, a well-known discipline in Europe that is now growing in popularity in the United States. “I am a very dressage-related person, but Working Equitation is based in dressage,” she explained. “I help them also in all the administrative parts of the sport through the Confederation for Working Equitation, which is a new association.”

Franco will next be able to experience using the newly earned Omega Alpha supplements for her horses. Developed solely from all-natural formulas based on scientific research, Omega Alpha products are made with the finest ingredients available, resulting in equine health supplements that provide real, lasting results. Franco is looking forward to incorporating Cristal’s new supplements into his diet.

Omega Alpha, a Canadian-based equine health company committed to producing products that help horses perform to the best of their abilities, will continue to celebrate healthy horses at upcoming shows. Omega Alpha specializes in natural formulations for enhancing health and performance, with products made using the finest all-natural ingredients. For more information about how Omega Alpha can impact a horse’s health, happiness, and performance, visit or call 1-800-651-3172.

Photo: Lusitano gelding Cristal da Caniceira, ridden by Carmen Franco (right), earns the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award, presented by Adam Pollak of White Fences Equestrian Center (left)