Adult Amateur?


Welcome adult amateurs,

The term ADULT within our USDF membership applies to all members no longer eligible as Youth members. The term ADULT AMATEUR, actually applies primarily for competition purposes and is defined within the rules of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) that provides the body of rules by which our sport competition is governed. You can use these links to connect with USEF:

As a descriptive term “ADULT AMATEUR” is used both for competition purposes and as a self applied description of how you view your own place in USDF. You might consider yourself an amateur by USEF standards or you might view yourself as an amateur because of your riding experience, educational level, or your time and resources available. The self applied description covers a very wide range of members. Adult amateurs come from every walk of life and riding skill level, but they are all looking for help, guidance and resources. Whatever your interest, these pages are designed for you, our adult amateurs, to provide an easy reference list of resources that will help to guide and answer questions about USDF and the opportunities we have available.

For more information, please contact our Liaison at 859-971-2277 or

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