FEI Tribunal issues Final Decisions on Banned Substance Cases

Lausanne (SUI), 29 June 2017
The FEI Tribunal has issued its Final Decisions on three banned substance cases under the FEI’s Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMRs).
Samples taken on 4 September 2015 from the horse Houkoumi G (FEI ID 104XV97/BEL), ridden by Evelyne Stoffel (FEI ID 10128731/BEL) at the CEI1* 100 in Virton (BEL), tested positive for the opioid analgesic O-Desmethyl-Tramadol. The FEI Tribunal has imposed a 15-month suspension on the athlete with a fine of CHF 2,500 and contribution of 1,000 CHF towards legal costs.
Samples taken on 29 August 2015 from the horse Felix Van De Mispelaere (FEI ID 104JQ57/RSA), ridden by Jonathan Clarke (FEI ID RSA/10020663) to win a class at CSI1*-W in Polokwane (RSA), tested positive for the vasodilator Minoxidil.
The athlete had been provisionally suspended from 21 October 2015 until 18 May 2016. The FEI Tribunal found that while the EADCMRs were contravened, the athlete did not bear fault for the rule violation, so there was no further period of suspension imposed. He was ordered to contribute 1,000 CHF towards legal costs.
Samples taken on 14 October 2016 from the horse La Petite Fleur 6 (FEI ID 103TN40/MEX), ridden by Andres Arozarena (FEI ID MEX/10094207) at the CSI4* in Coapexpan (MEX), tested positive for the anti-inflammatory Piroxicam.
The FEI Tribunal has imposed a six-month suspension. The period of provisional suspension, effective from 20 December 2016, has been credited against the period of ineligibility imposed in this Decision. The athlete was therefore ineligible through to 19 June 2017. The athlete will also be fined 2,000 CHF and contribute 1,000 CHF towards legal costs.
Athletes have 21 days to appeal decisions to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) from the date of notification.
Further details on the FEI Tribunal Decisions can be found here.