The Key Steps to Equine Performance Recovery from Arenus Animal Health


Performance recovery, in the form of good nutrition, rest and topical support, is essential for any equine athlete.

FORT COLLINS, CO – July 17, 2018– You might be familiar with the term performance recovery if you are an athlete, or if you own an equine athlete. Effective performance recovery combines nutrition and rest for optimal muscle restoration and peak performance. Poor recovery can cause your horse to flatline in their progress and even develop injuries. Over time, this can have a negative impact on your horse’s well-being and ability to compete long-term.

Below are a few steps to understanding equine performance recovery. With a solid routine in place, you can help your horse perform their best every day.

Step 1 – Nutrition for Muscle Recovery

High intensity exercise causes the breakdown of muscle fibers. It also stimulates the equine body to build muscle mass. To repair muscle fibers and provide the building blocks for new muscle cells, your horse needs a high-quality, daily source of protein that contains all ten essential amino acids:
Lysine (involved in growth and development)
Methionine (for hoof and hair quality)
Threonine (involved in tissue repair)

Step 2 – Healthy Gut Function

Healthy digestive function is a key part of recovery and just as important as good nutrition. If your horse is unable to absorb nutrients or has impaired digestion, they will not receive the full benefits of a targeted nutrition plan.

For horses with impaired digestion, we recommend our veterinarian-trusted Assure product line. Assure Guard Gold is our most popular and convenient option, and is designed to target colic, ulcers, diarrhea and weight loss. It contains no added sugars, and is formulated into a single, pelleted product for easy feeding. When combined with a quality diet, regular forage and adequate hydration, Assure Guard Gold helps support optimal GI health.

Step 3 – Key Micronutrients for Optimal Support

B vitamins are essential for energy production and nervous system health. Look for a supplement that contains B-complex to help support your equine athlete’s energy storage and production.

Many performance horses need added bone remodeling support from essential minerals. Eq-Well, our new vitamin-mineral balancer, is an ideal source of essential minerals and nutrients for performance recovery, as well as soft tissue and bone support. Eq-Well contains double chelated copper, manganese, and zinc from TelaFIRM-S.
Step 4 – Topical Support to the Rescue

Topical support can be very helpful as a part of a recovery routine. There are many products on the market designed to relieve muscle inflammation and pain but paying attention to the ingredients is key.

Sore No-More Performance Ultra products are formulated to provide maximum relief but are still safe for sensitive horses and those who compete under FEI regulations. Many upper-level riders depend on the poultice after every ride to prevent stocking up and use the liniment as a bath brace to offer full-body relief.

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