A Whole New Way to Recognize and Assess Lameness



Lameness is the most common cause of poor performance in the horse. This makes management of his soundness over the long term integral to both his general well–being and his ability to participate in recreational and competitive activities.

Unfortunately, most equine caretakers are unable to perceive abnormal movement in the horse, extending the period between the onset of a problem and its eventual treatment, and the longer an issue is allowed to persist, the greater the chance that it will progress. Many equine veterinarians also find it difficult to visually decipher lameness, which leads to lengthy, expensive, and often inaccurate diagnostic work–ups.


It is with these two key audiences in mind that Dr. Bob Grisel has teamed up with Trafalgar Square Books (www.horseandriderbooks.com) to create a book unlike any other. With hundreds of illustrations, dozens of charts, and in-depth explanations, EQUINE LAMENESS FOR THE LAYMAN provides readers a complete course in observing, identifying, and decoding equine lameness. To further clarify important points and lessons in training the human eye to recognize equine lameness, over 100 video case studies are referenced throughout and can be accessed with a simple scan of your smartphone. Through these valuable visual tools, Dr. Grisel helps you interpret what is seen, plain and simple (no need for medical knowledge of equine anatomy and pathology).


Whether first–time horse owner or seasoned professional, you are guaranteed to come away with a detailed, systematic, and comprehensive method for a happier, healthier equine partner.


264 pages | 191 illustrations, 28 charts | Over 100 video case studies | Hardcover, concealed wiro


Watch the book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH0rGJjtWCs


Dr. Bob Grisel began his equine veterinary training at the age of 13, when he worked for a racetrack veterinarian near his home in southern Florida. He quickly developed an interest in solving the many problems that affect performance horses, dedicating the next 30 years of his life to learning as much as he could about sport horse medicine and surgery. After graduating from the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine with honors and receiving multiple awards for his performance in equine surgery, he moved to southern California where he received extensive training in equine surgery and radiology under the tutelage of a world–renowned veterinary staff. Upon completing a residency in equine surgery with an emphasis on arthroscopy, Dr. Grisel was recruited by Oregon State’s College of Veterinary Medicine where he spent time on the large animal teaching staff. His surgical interests focused on performance–related problems, and he developed and published many surgical techniques designed to better treat the equine athlete. Dr. Grisel was offered an equine surgical position in the Atlanta area while working the 1996 Olympic Games, and shortly after relocating to Georgia, he built The Atlanta Equine Clinic, a state–of–the–art, full–service equine diagnostic, surgical, and emergency care facility located in Braselton. In 2005, Dr. Grisel left the hospital facility to focus on equine sports medicine and has since developed a reputation for his meticulous and accurate diagnostic ability, as well as for his effective treatment strategies for performance–related problems in the horse. He is regularly consulted on issues concerning lameness and pre–purchase examinations worldwide (www.atlantaequine.com).


For more information about EQUINE LAMENESS FOR THE LAYMAN or Dr. Bob Grisel, contact rdidier@trafalgarbooks.com.


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